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The Staff
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Gary Stango, Executive Director
Gary D. BruceInformation Technology Manager
Karen Searles, Accounts Clerk

The CMED Communications Center is staffed by 16 Full Time Emergency Telecommunicators who in addition to being at minimum certified as Emergency Medical Technicians, are certified as Public Safety Telecommunicators by the State of Connecticut, and as Emergency Medical Dispatchers by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch.

William Barry, Shift Supervisor
Telecommunicator # 254
serving since 1987
Brian Smith, Shift Supervisor
Telecommunicator # 264
serving since 1989
Alicia Wilde, Shift Supervisor
Telecommunicator # 295
serving since 2000
Telecommunicator # 267
serving since 1990
Warren Buchter
Telecommunicator # 276
serving since 1994
Kathleen Craven
Telecommunicator # 288
serving since 1998
Telecommunicator # 290
serving since 1998
David Canning
Telecommunicator # 301
serving since 2002
Jon Stevens
Telecommunicator # 316
serving since 2005
Stephen Anderson
Telecommunicator # 317
serving since 2005
David Pagano
Telecommunicator # 318
serving since 2005
Amy Brown
Telecommunicator # 320
serving since 2005
Telecommunicator # 324
serving since 2008
Stephen Mauriello
Telecommunicator # 325
serving since 2008
Lynn Durgin
Telecommunicator Trainee # 326
serving since 2010
Leonard Conway
Telecommunicator # 327
serving since 2010

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All CMED Emergency Telecommunicators are required to be certified by the State of Connecticut as Emergency Medical Technicians and Public Safety Teleommunicators.  All Telecommunicators are also certified by the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch as Emergency Medical Dispatchers.

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